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Mission Statement

IMG_20160414_150311600.jpg“To serve the hearing impaired with the highest degree of professionalism, technology and service available.”

Every decision we make for our practice, is based on this mission statement.

By following our mission statement, we have successfully helped over 26,800 people in North Central Ohio, improve their hearing since 1986.  We have grown from two locations and four employees to our current 11 locations and 20 employees.

The best products and services are of limited value without the knowledge and   expertise to best utilize all the advanced technology.  That’s why Hear Wright insists on 50 hours a year of continuing education classes for each of our professional dispensing staff.


May is Better Hearing Month - Limited Time!

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During May's Better Hearing Month!

  • FREE Hearing Screenings
  • FREE Digital Hearing Aid Demonstrations (No whistling or “plugged up” feeling)  
  • FREE Otolab - Moisture and Wax Removal from your hearing instruments 
  • FREE Cleaning of All Hearing Instruments   
  • FREE Video Otoscopic Inspections (Find out if excess wax is causing a hearing loss.) 
  • FREE Wax Removal
  • Honoring most Hearing Aid manufacturers warranties
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Welcome to HearWright ear-logo.png

Hear Wright offers a complete line of Hearing Instruments from the smallest, hidden completely in the canal, to the most powerful. We have systems that connect without wires to your phone, TV and music. We provide the best instruments available from all manufacturers.  This gives you the opportunity to choose help for your hearing that meets your hearing needs as well as your budget.

Celebrating Serving North East Ohio for 30 years!



Cleveland radio personality and HearWright patient and spokesman, Munch Bishop, candidly explains his hearing loss and the effects of his loss, with audiologist and owner, Mary Beth Wright.  Click Heremunch_pic.jpg



Cleveland television personality and HearWright patient and spokesman, Don Webster, being fitted with his new hearing devices by audiologist and owner, Mary Beth Wright.  Don's devices are almost unnoticable in his ear canal. 

 Don explains how his new hearing devices has helped him. Click here.Don_and_Mary_Beth.jpg



New Study Linking Hearing Loss with Cognitive Decline!


kw_mbw_1986.jpgkw_mbw_2016.jpgwright_family_2016.jpg30 Year Anniversary!

In 1986 Keith and Mary Beth Wright had a dream and created a Mission Statement: “To serve the hearing impaired with the highest degree of professionalism, technology and service available.”
They started with 2 offices.
As their family grew, so did their company. In 30 years they have expanded to now 11 offices serving Northern Ohio, with plans to open more. Hear Wright continues to expand and reach more people to fulfill their Mission Statement.
The Wright’s and their dedicated, experienced staff have helped many thousands of people improve their lives by reconnecting them to their friends, family and their world.
Keith, Mary Beth, and their family, would like to thank their local communities for their continuing support for 30 Years!